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Characters I have inside me!

The names floating in the clouds in the image to the right were created by students in Kirstin Lynch-Walsh's Senior Drama Classes at the Southern New Jersey Academy for Visual and Performing Arts. For a couple of months, these characters shared intimate secrets with other characters in Minnesota. Neither knew where the exchanges would take them. All any of us knew at the outset was that the letters these characters wrote to each other were going to be the raw materials for a script that would eventually be played out on-stage.

And that is what happened.

For the moment, you can click on the names opposite and see the image that represents something essential about that character. And in the near future, we will post some of the astonishing scripts the students wrote.


In the meantime, just imagine what --
Bunquitamariaacevedosmith --
looks like ...

Teachers and coaches! This is Step One in an innovative curriculum unit on playwriting. Please call or write us and help us develop the concept. Click here for contacts!





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