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Your Interactive Exchange

The boxes in the grid to the right represent things to think about and to do as you produce an interactive exchange.

Click here to download a .pdf file abut this crucial time period. The topics in the green screens opposite are addressed in this file.One of the most important aspects of an interactive exchange is the camerawork. You will have realized by now that the camera is mobile, lashed to the codec (the camera on top of the main screen) by a 50' cable.

Click here for a longish clip about the mobile camera and how to use it. The clip features the pan-skilled Diane Aldis of the Perpich Center for Arts Education. There's a great sequence featuring "transfer of energy" across some 1000 or so miles -- !

Later, we will post some interactive exercises developed by Nancy Mason Hauser, our key cameraperson.


screen 3Ascreen 2Bscreen 1A
screen 2Ascreen 3B
screen 3Cscreen 1C

Click here to learn what activities follow an Interactive Residency.

We'll tell you one of them right now.

You are looking at an important step in the interactive process ––

document your work –– !!!

–– what happened, what you are thinking, advice for other adventuresome souls who will follow you in this new interactive medium!

The Internet and regular posts on the Web are a very important part of this documentation.

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