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What is your first memory of dancing?

What emotions do you feel when you think of that time?

Does this moment ever come back to you? When?

These three figures in swirling cloaks are great American artists with long careers
crafting dance in the modernist tradition.
Gus is one of the three; he made this dance. It is called Gray Study. . . .

Can you think why?

Could Gus Solomons jr, 6 decades later, be thinking of the 4-year-old who loved to dance -- ?

Here is what Jack Anderson said about this dance:

"The strongest interpretation [of the evening came] in [a] piece [. . .] by [Gus] Solomons [jr], featuring Carmen deLavallade, [the choreographer himself] and Dudley Williams. In Gray Study, the three dancers ominously prowled and marched in long gray robes designed by Nancy L. Johnson, based on a concept by Eva Tsug. All three performers are experienced artists with wide modern-dance backgrounds and magnetic stage presences, and they made their characters' enigmatic actions hypnotic. A taped score of sighs and wails by Judith Ren-Lay contributed to the sense of mystery."

--- New York TIMES, February 8, 2000

Mr. Anderson says that the choreographer "appeared to be fascinated by quirks of human behavior." What do you think he means?


Movement Studies featuring floor work & pliés were featured in Gus Solomons' Master Class with dance students at Rider University. Click on Gus' portrait below to find samples of this work you can use in rehearsal.







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