Ways to join our interactive residency
(a simple click on an image or word will do it!)

• Meet the Minneosta actors portraying the pioneer families
• To smell the dust of the Oregon Trail, follow Seamus
• To taste the desperation of a young Chinese immigrant man fleeing Gold Mountain, listen to Sying Lee
• To taste despair, join the Horowitzes ---
• --- and sample longing with the Carrolls ...
• With Nathaniel, ask yourself a question --
Can the Dead arise ---!!!?


Creating a Character

In Exchange I, we became 4 different pioneer families ---the Sampsons, the Lees, the Horowitzes and the Carrolls, each on a different journey to a new land... Click on the word, DREAMS, to find a gallery of family portraits, created collaboratively over 1000 miles.

Once this large file is downloaded to your desktop, open it in ACROBAT and then click on each pioneer's face to hear their dreams.


Leaving & Planning a New Home

Our pioneer families are on their way -- crossing the ocean, hiking overland trails, heading North by rail to an uncertain future. Some will lose everything. Some will prosper. In the meantime, thoughts of home crowd in -- as with Seamus Carroll, who is on the Oregon Trail ... CLICK ON his name, among the screens above, to overhear the loveletter he writes home to his sweetheart. His family joins the Lee daughter who harbors a secret, the Horowitzes, who are dealt a cruel hand by fate and Nathaniel Sampson who is visited by someone he thinks died in the raging flood waters of the MIssissippi Delta ...



screen 3
screen 2


Sying Lee's Secret

the Horowitzes

screen 4


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The Journey
Obstacles, Triumph, Arrival

Today, this happened ---


An Examiner at Ellis Island tries to hold us back and Anya's blindness almost gets found out. But -- as the Dr. approaches Anya's dead eyes with the button-hook, Mama has little Tatyana stage a fit --- distracted, the Dr. lets Anya through. Safe! We see the Statue of Liberty -- and are reunited with our father!


We leave the train -- and Evelyn gets followed by the white guys she made friends with on board. There's a million people at the station. We almost lose one another. Caitlyn yells at us and runs away. We chase her, come back together --- and see, across the station, the Reverend Thomas who has come to meet us --- !


Everybody gets mad at everybody. The Trail is getting to us. Patrick and Seamus have a fight. Seamus finally stands up for himself and takes over. The Family rallies around him. And Patrick gets left behind. But ------- where is the money --- ?


A good omen. As we approach Minnesota, there behind a hill ahead breaks a rainbow --- ! Mama Mai chooses this moment to give the children some favorite things she has secreted away. She gives Sying a knife --- ! What can she be thinking!!?


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