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The TPL Model & Drama

In the winter of 2004, two high schools, separated by over 1000 miles, joined together to play out the emotional journeys of four familes in

The Search for Home

Click here to meet pioneer families on the Oregon Trail, trying to gain entry to America through Ellis Island, refugees from the great floods in the Mississippi River Delta and an enterprising Chinese family fleeing the filthy sluices that cut through California's illusory Mountain of Gold...



Here's a new way to approach scene-building. Actress-Playwright Kim Hines coaches kids over 1500 miles away to bring out the essence of real-life drama for on-stage performance.


You may already have investigated how our drama exchange Building A Character played itself out. Here (DAVID AND AURELIA, 3.6 MB) is a cold reading of a script written by "Aurelia" in New Jersey. This is a rather unusual clip -- we hope you will have seen nothing like it before.

David and Aurelia are over 1000 miles apart, yet they play out their scene in the same space. Each screen provides a different view of their partner. David and Aurelia choose a screen to "talk to" according to how they feel and the emotional impact of the image itself.

How would you adapt The TPL Model to create effective theatre?

You can find additional materials on Building A Character by visiting What We've Done.

The IMAGES links connect to visual ideas created by the student actor for the characters they play.

The Bulletin Board will let you read passionate letters the characters wrote to each other and, in some cases, the script that resulted from these on-line exchanges. These scripts are being produced for public performance in October 2003. Drama Coach Kirstin Walsh directs. As Dale Schmid, Performing Arts Coordinator for New Jersey Schools exclaimed,

"This is a stunning example
of how interactivity
can contribute to
classsroom learning and curriculum!"





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