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No other organization does what we do. None other melds technology and interactive coaching to create compelling arts experiences that dissolve barriers of economics, culture and location.

We have created a national model.

Now we need to work
to refine that model
to build
an interactive network of
unafraid, technology–savvy artists.

Taken together, the exchanges mounted by THE PERFORMANCE LAB™ are an adventure into a little-known world, that of interactive media. In a sense, every week of these last few years has traced an arc defined by experiment and bravoura.

We know now that The TPL Model™, to which we refer so often, is always changing, a little bit ahead of us and where we thought we were going. Staff, the Board, coaches and student performers all embrace this perception. The task is to keep open, allowing the unexpected to lead us into new territory.

Because of this shifting perspective, we have had to listen attentively to what participants and partners were telling us about the promise they glimpsed in our shared experience.


The TPL Model™

One document was particularly useful,
because it was objective and thoughtful,
a kind of scrapbook of benchmarks
compiled by our evaluator, Sharon Varosh.
We hope you will browse through
Sharon's compilation of
what she learned from our partners and from us, too.

When you set up your own interactive studio -- where you will avoid the pitfalls that sometimes just stopped us cold and that appeared with stunning irregularity -- you will recognize some of the events and perceptions presented here with such clarity.

The TPL Model™ defines itself!

A TPL™ Scrapbook
[.pdf file 56KB]

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