Interactive Exchanges!

If you click on the screens to the right, you will be led to examples of interactive exchanges produced by THE PERFORMANCE LAB in the pilot and experimental phases funded by Technology Opportunities Progam.

Each exchange has something to teach and each is as varied as the performing arts themselves. Although we have not reproduced each exchange in entirety, we have tried to provide a variety of materials that give the essence of the exchange and the spirit of the artistic encounter.

Do spend the time, if are able, to view a film or two, to scan a lesson plan, to ask yourself if there might be more effective ways of accomplishing the same goals. Rashomon-like, the disparate parts of each encounter will come together to form an artistic whole, the experience of art itself.

If you have an idea for iteractive exchange, please contact us. We welcome enterprising partnerships. The excitement is in the promise and then in the making!



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