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For the past several years,
students at Harrison Education Center
in downtown Minneapolis have been
making poetry out of their own lives.
Click on the words above to see how they do it!

Here's an example ---

I can't predict why I do the things I do
That's why sometimes
I end up doing something that is not cool
Like acting like a fool
In the community, home or at school.
I just hope my brain accumulates
For me to use my intelligence as a good tool.
I'm burning my bridges
Like a broken door that has no hinges
I'm tired of living in this dirty world
at is cruel
And has awful stenches...

© 2002 Eric Johnson

In July 2004, Harrison students will visit the VooDoo Science Lab bringing with them samples of their writing. Then, with the help of coach Jennifer Holt, they'll add movement to their words. Coach Stuart deVann of Savage Aural Hotbed will show the kids how wonderful clanking, wheezing, humming, strumming instruments can add drama and meaning to make a performance.

*© information available here!


I came a long way
to where
I'm at right now...


Coaches (Teachers)

Each of the images above holds a secret, Click on the image to discover what it is -- then use what you have seen to make a poem that tells us who you are!!!

The Harrison poet-dancer-musicians gathered at the VooDoo Science Labs and across town in THE PERFORMANCE LAB Studio 5B for the first exchange in an interactive residency about performance art. We wanted you to share in the improvised session that was inspired by Andrey's poem "My Life's Goals."

My Life's Goals (CD quality 14.2 MB)

My Life's Goals (for the WEB 5.4 MB)

Our friends who tuned in from New Jersey and New York couldn't follow the action with the JavaCam streaming technology we used -- they were going to chime in with ideas from their desktops, but all they got were still-frames and sharp, short zz-zz-tts -- ! They also commented on the "look" of the space -- that we needed to pay more attention to visual "noise."

Our next exchange will use Windows Media streaming technology which we hope will deliver a stable, clean image. Either we'll show the interactive studio in two screens always "up" , side-by-side -- or else, we'll "cut" between Hennepin Center for the Arts and VooDoo Science Labs, much as they do in conventional TV. (Although we owe much to TV technology, we often don't admit it --- !)

Nothing passive!



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