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Risa Steinberg is coaching Limón basics from NYC. Paul, the dancer, is in the TPL studios at the Hennepin Center for the Arts (Minnesota).
As a coach, Risa is helping Paul feel how his body translates Limon's way of moving -- How does gravity affect carriage? Where is "vertical"?
She reaches out and "sculpts" on the screen. Paul feels the impulse over 1000 miles away.
But notice -- in the Minneapolis studios, hands reach out to extend Risa's movement and to make it real in another way, a more traditional way!
TPL coaches seldom use a "surrogate coach" to make the movement more "real." We have found that dancers, through an act of the imagination, actually do feel the coach's hands, and that this is an effective way to learn.
The TPL coaching model:
* Focuses attention and makes learning more effective.
* Objectifies movement, as in performance.
* Uses two modes of learning, the visual and the kinesthetic.
It's the way we learn today!




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