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Online Tools

Here are some of the online tools we use in our interactive exchanges. We could not do without them, as they add an extra dimension to interactive coaching in the performing arts. Feel free to browse!

The Bulletin Board is a chronicle of some of our most exciting exchanges. You'll need to look back over the past year or so to read some of them. Of particular interest are the exchanges among Chris Aiken's contact improv students. Their concerns help define the interactive medium itself, while addressing issues of live performance.

In the late spring of 2003, we worked on an innovative model for coaching writing for the theatre. This series of exchanges, among IB students at Southwest High School [Minneapolis, MN] and drama students at Southern New Jersey Academy for Performing Arts, is documented on the Bulletin Board, too. Start reading at the bottom of each exchange of letters -- the "thread" begins there. It ends at the top with something like a finished script. In between letters, students improvised together over some 1500 miles!

Anoher way to learn about the interactive model TPL uses in coaching performance is to look at the TIPS. This archive is far from complete, but the ideas you can find here will hopefully lead you to new ways of using interactivity in the performng arts. This link will soon be active.

Our calendar of events and chat have yet to be activated.



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