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The Company We Keep

DANCE TEACHER magazine features THE PERFORMANCE LAB in its July issue. The author and editor used non-technical language to present the idea of interactive exchange as a real and a viable alternative coaching method in the performing arts. Also featured in the article were The Kennedy Center Distance Learning Initiative and the University of Wisconsin Movement Explorations Dance. We're honored! Download the article below by clicking on the title:

Distance Makes the Dancer Grow Stronger

Beaumont Foundation Supports TPL!

This important grant brings to TPL and its partners almost $80,000 of technology tools -- including LCD projection devices, laptop computers and communication software. Our partners include the New Jersey Department of Education/Office of Standards and Professional Development, Atlantic City High School[NJ], and Harrison Education Center [MN].


The U.S. Dept. of Commerce's Technology Opportunities Program [TOP] published a report, Networking the Land, about exemplary projects across the country that use interactive technology in new ways to reach underserved audiences. DancePartners/THE PERFORMANCE LAB was featured in Chapter 10 of the report. This chapter is 4 pages long and available in .pdf format by clicking on the title above.

With the conclusion of the fiscal year on August 31, 2003, THE PERFORMANCE LAB will have completed a major grant from Technology Opportunities Program. Over $500,000 was awarded to DancePartners (our first name), which was in turn matched by contributions from Partners across the country and in Minnesota. The purpose of the grant was to enable DP/TPL to create a national model for coaching the performing arts at a distance.

During the grant period, TPL did indeed create and refine a model for coaching dance and other performing arts over great distances, devised new strategies for integrating the arts into school curriculum and created strong partnerships amongst artists and communities that continue to this day.


Our partners, The Minnesota Shubert Performing Arts and Education Center, are the hub of a state-wide network that potentially will link all Minnesota schools for arts education. The Shubert folks use internet technology to bring master teachers into classrooms. You can catch up on what’s afoot at the Shubert by clicking here.



THE PERFORMANCE LAB is now a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. We actively seek new Partners for Interactive Exchanges. This WEB site provides information about who we are, who our Partners are and what together we have accomplished and are working on.


Our Grant from NEA!

September 2005 brings to a close the three projects we mounted thanks to a major grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. These funds supported our pioneering work in interactive residencies.

Visit these projects by clicking on the titles below. Then, follow the links to see how each project developed.

Principles of Choreography

A Journey to America for 4 Families

Reconstructing Master Choreography

We soon will evaluate success & challenges we encountered in our work. This report will be available for download soon. Thanks for following our progress!

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