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Assistant Coach - in a traditional TV or videoconferencing enviroment this role is referred to as that of the switcher.

Coach - the person(s) who leads the participants and delivers the content during an interactive event.

Control Workstation - place within the studio from where the Assistant Coach can preview, switch and send images. Also the "hub" of cables and connectors that send and receive video and audio signals

Far Site/Studio - the location at a distance that you are connecting to during an exchange

FPS - frames per second

ISDN - integrated service digital network, a telecom line

Kbps - thousand bits per second

Mbps - million bits per second

Near Site/Studio - the location you are physically at during an exchange

Omnidrictional Microphone - a micrphone that can pick up sound in a 360 degree radius

PTZ - point, tilt, zoom




RCA, BNC, Composite - types of audio and video cables and connectors (see Cable Glossary in the Tech Guide for further information)

Studio 5B - TPL's home studio for interactive arts exchanges located at the Hennepin Center for Arts in Minneapolis, MN.

T1 - high speed telecom line; 1.544Mbps minimum speed for "Broadband"

TPL - The Performance Lab

Video Input - location of a receiving video signal

Video Output - location of a sending video signal

Videoconferencing - interactive sound a video, usually used for "talking heads," transimission via high speed telecommunication lines

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