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Building Context
for an Interactive Exchange

Our model for coaching, teaching, and sharing the performing arts over distance is not limited to what happens during an interactive event or series of events. Not only is there often a substantial amount of work that goes into the planning and preparations stages, but we have also made it a point to integrate ongoing communication through our web site as a means of expanding and deepening the experience within the studio.

In this section of the TOOLKIT you will learn about how to prepare for an interactive event, what to do Before you begin. Many of these things are essential to creating and supporting an interactive environment that produces positive and measurable outcomes. As many ppeople before us have discovered, technology can oftentimes increase distance and widen the gap between people. Our aim has always been to bring people closer together in a way that the technology disappears and you feel as if you are standing in the same room with people thousands of miles away.

The During and After sections are intended to be like a menu of items you can select from as you establish your action plan. We have found that by utilizing the tools within our web site you can expand the interactive studio experience and deepen the learning and communication.

Check out What We Have Done to see how some of our partners have used the various elements throughout their exchanges.




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