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Who's Who and What Do They Do?

Our Interactive Studio is a place where flexibility and a willingness to adjust to an ever-changing environment are crucial. It takes several people collaborating and working toward common goals to create an environment where coaching, learning, sharing and exchanging in the performing arts can happen over distance. There are up to six main roles within our studio: Coach, Assistant Coach, Cameraperson, Technical Director, Participants, and Web Coordinator.

The harmonizing of these roles and responsibilities is exponentially expanded because of the fact that two sites are interacting with each other. Even though for some events there may only be one coach leading two sites, there are always two mobile camerapeople, two assistan coaches, sometimes two technical directors, and often numerous participants.

This section of the TOOLKIT will expand each of these roles in detail, aspects to consider when learning this role, notes on how to communicate with the other roles, and specific considerations to be aware of before, during, and after an interactive session. A special thanks to all of our TOP Partners who have worked with us to define and expand these roles through our interactive exchanges.



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