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The purpose of the Technical Guide within this TOOLKIT is to walk you through the technical aspects of how we have set up our interactive studio and to provide you with information about the essential elements of our model from a technical perspective. Quite often there are three congruent perspectives simultaneously active during the planning, execution, and closure of an interactive event -be it one or more events. These perspectives are technical, artistic and curriculum/educational. You can find information about the latter two perpectives in the Roles and Preparation sections.

The links to the right will lead you to a movie and to some .pdf documents that you can download. Please note that these documents are specific to our home studio, Studio 5B. If you are looking to set up your own interactive studio, you can use this information as a guide. You may find that equipment, space limitations, and available technology may vary greatly at your location.

To see our studio in action check out the Studio 5B Tour [2.5 mg movie]


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