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Marcia Chapman has long been a leader in the development of dance and dance education in Minnesota's Twin Cities. She has taught dance for over 30 years, specializing in contemporary and modern dance for children. Ms. Chapman is the primary Artistic Director for TPL's interactive teaching. Trained in Minnesota, Ms. Chapman later moved to study at the Connecticut College School of Dance, the Martha Grahm School and American ballet Theatre School. She returned to the Twin Cities to become one of the principal members of the Minnesota Dance Theatre under the direction of Loyce Houlton, where she was a leading dancer and then became director of the school. Ms. Chapman is a recipient of the Minneapolis Award for helping to provide opportunities for thousands of young people to perform in and to attend the professional theatrical production City Children's Nutcracker, of which she is the Project Director. She also holds a bachelor's degree in elementary education from the University of Minnesota.

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Rick Hauser is a producer, director, and writer in television and media. His experimental work addresses the limitations of broadcast media in an effort to move beyond into new, more intimate art forms. A pioneer in video field production, Mr. Hauser has created two-screen, two-TV station/stero broadcasts and multi-screen theatre pieces. He has also been an advocate of confrontational issues programming. He produced Hollywood's first fully interactive CED videodisc and was recognized for his direction of experimental drama. Mr. Hauser is a senior staff member of the International Archaeological Expedition to Urkesh (Tell Mozan) and research associate with IIMAS, International Institute for Mesopotamian Area Studies. He is a specialist in the material culture of the third millennium (B.C.) and is the author of Reading Figurines, a unique typology for the classification of miniature terra-cotta artifacts.

Kim Konikow has an extensive and varied background in the arts as a presenter, project manager, and facilitator. Her experience includes work at the Minnesota Dance Alliance, Art Awareness(NY), Dance USA, and the Brooklyn Academy of Music (NY). She also consults with many orgnizations such as the Jerome Foundation, Young Audiences Minnesota, Intermedia Arts, Minneapolis Telecommunications Network, and Artspace Projects, Inc. Ms. Konikow has served as a site visitor and panelist for local, state, and national organizations. She is currently heading up THE MESA, an artist residency center in Utah.


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